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What is Site Monitoring?

Is your web site up and running? Are your DNS, FTP and Email servers operating properly? Do you want irate customers being your first indication that a problem exists in one of your Internet servers? Site Monitoring lets you know your server is not running or otherwise not performing correctly.

8 Servers

The average company with one web site actually has at least 4 servers while most companies will have 8. These servers (NS(2), Web, DNS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP) all work together to create your web presence.

Hello? Is anyone there?

Your web server might be top of the line but if your DNS or NS server fails then no one, not a single person will see your web site. If your SMTP server fails there is no sending of email, no POP3 (or IMAP) then no one can receive an email. Even if all your servers are maintained by another company, they probably have thousands of accounts. How will they know if your company is suddenly ... offline.


Our site monitoring service starts at $10 per month to monitor one DNS and one web server. Our $20 Site Monitoring service includes all 7 server types mentioned and includes response time graphs that allow you to see when your servers are running at their best, and when they are not ...

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